Lately my non-classical music interests have been expanding. Those who know me are aware that these interests are generally pretty Radiohead-heavy with a side of Portishead and Björk. That said, I seem to be developing a new taste for music that, simply put, makes me happy and want to dance around my house. Electronic music. But this isn't the garbage that came out of a tin can to get overplayed WAY TOO LOUD at some overpriced club (imagine Aziz Ansari's voice: "This is the best night of your liiife......").

The music of Sideways is GOOD. It's catchy, the vocals are brilliant, the lyrics touching, and the overall presentation, engaging. The guys a part of #sideways have been releasing tracks on a regular basis and I love how each week there seems to be a new song to add to my Soundloud playlist. I first heard of Michah (formerly DJ  Dustbuster) through friends in Thunder Bay. I was fortunate to meet him through my boyfriend who is childhood friends with him. Since moving to Toronto, I have also been introduced to the rest of this crew's music: Coleman Hell, Shan Vincent de Paul, and La+ch. In collaboration, what these #sideways guys are doing is really special. Sometimes it's a Coleman Hell track with artwork by Michah and sweet ethereal vocals by La+ch. Sometimes they use a banjo. Michah has even made a hilarious 8-bit animated music video for La+ch's Tastey. It's a collective effort that makes their music both innovative and appealing. 

I saw them live at Toronto's Weldon Park a few months back and was thoroughly impressed with their presentation. They are masterful, high energy and convey just a hint of that wildcard spontaneity that makes a live show such a blast. They just played JUNOfest in Hamilton this past weekend and next Thursday, March 26, Coleman Hell's got a show at the Drake Hotel in Toronto! Go dance! 

And hey, who knows, maybe they'll need an oboe sometime...