Peter Hatch's Wiki Mozart: The Oboe Quartet Remixed


Sharon Lee, violin
Woosol Cho, viola
Dobrochna Zubek, violoncello

Monday, April 18th, 2016 3PM

Canadian Music Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

*In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

Doctor of Musical Arts

University of Cincinnati  College-Conservatory of Music

Quartet in F Major, K. 370 - W. A. Mozart
Wiki Mozart - Peter Hatch


Mozart was an innovator in his time. His music is artfully crafted and often transcends the sublime. His masterpiece, the Quartet in F Major, K. 370, is a crucial work in the oboe chamber music repertoire. It established the oboe quartet as a genre. In 2006, in celebration of the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth, the Gallery Chamber Players of Niagara with oboist James Mason commissioned Canadian composer Peter Hatch to write for this same configuration in homage to the great master. Wiki Mozart, the resulting piece – written for oboe, violin, viola, cello and sampled sounds – is an astonishing example of Hatch’s creative voice. Through his use of formal design based on Golden Mean proportional relationships as applied to the duration of sections, a sly sense of humor, and minimalist stylistic approach, he deconstructs Mozart, and investigates him (and his music) through a modern lens. In this lecture-recital, I examine Hatch’s compositional techniques and personal aesthetics employed in Wiki Mozart in order to fully convey the clever artistry of this excellent new addition to the repertoire.

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Poster by  Anita Eccleston

Poster by Anita Eccleston



Lately my non-classical music interests have been expanding. Those who know me are aware that these interests are generally pretty Radiohead-heavy with a side of Portishead and Björk. That said, I seem to be developing a new taste for music that, simply put, makes me happy and want to dance around my house. Electronic music. But this isn't the garbage that came out of a tin can to get overplayed WAY TOO LOUD at some overpriced club (imagine Aziz Ansari's voice: "This is the best night of your liiife......").

The music of Sideways is GOOD. It's catchy, the vocals are brilliant, the lyrics touching, and the overall presentation, engaging. The guys a part of #sideways have been releasing tracks on a regular basis and I love how each week there seems to be a new song to add to my Soundloud playlist. I first heard of Michah (formerly DJ  Dustbuster) through friends in Thunder Bay. I was fortunate to meet him through my boyfriend who is childhood friends with him. Since moving to Toronto, I have also been introduced to the rest of this crew's music: Coleman Hell, Shan Vincent de Paul, and La+ch. In collaboration, what these #sideways guys are doing is really special. Sometimes it's a Coleman Hell track with artwork by Michah and sweet ethereal vocals by La+ch. Sometimes they use a banjo. Michah has even made a hilarious 8-bit animated music video for La+ch's Tastey. It's a collective effort that makes their music both innovative and appealing. 

I saw them live at Toronto's Weldon Park a few months back and was thoroughly impressed with their presentation. They are masterful, high energy and convey just a hint of that wildcard spontaneity that makes a live show such a blast. They just played JUNOfest in Hamilton this past weekend and next Thursday, March 26, Coleman Hell's got a show at the Drake Hotel in Toronto! Go dance! 

And hey, who knows, maybe they'll need an oboe sometime...