Elizabeth Eccleston Oboe Studio

Toronto/Kingston, ON

  • oboe lessons

  • reed making lessons

Oboe lessons are taught in the downtown Toronto area. Lessons include different areas of focus depending on the age, level, and goals of each student. I maintain a balance between technical development and fundamentals of musical interpretation. I can also help with audition preparation, reed making, as well as tutor music theory and history.

If you are between 12-18 years old and want to take lessons with me at a summer camp, consider applying to Music at Port Milford!

Are you close to high school graduation? Starting grade 12 this fall? Audition for Queen's University and study with me there!


Following are the Policies and Procedures I have maintained for many years, updated in October 2019.

Fees and Payment

Each lesson is an individual session, and is paid for as one unit. Hourly rate: $60. In most cases this will be 4 lessons ($240). There are also occasions when holidays interfere with the schedule, so there may be only three to consider. Each month should be calculated and paid accordingly, in advance.

I only teach bi-weekly lessons (every other week) to students 9th grade or higher, with very few exceptions.

Payments are accepted in cash, cheque, Interac E-transfer, or by credit through PayPal. Receipts available on request.

Attendance and Make-Ups

It is essential that a minimum of 2 sessions be met in one calendar month. Therefore, if any lesson is missed, or needs rescheduling, it must be made up in the month for which it has been paid. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy in place. This allows another individual to accommodate that time slot. If 24 hours is not given or the student simply does not show, the lesson will not be made up and the fee will not be refunded. If my performance schedule necessitates that I need to reschedule a lesson, your convenience will be my top priority in rescheduling.

Reed Purchases

I sell high quality handmade reeds exclusively to my private students. The purchase of an oboe reed does not take the place of lessons.

All reeds are prepared by hand and made from beginning to end to meet professional standards of response, stability, intonation (A-440) and tone quality. Since playing levels vary as well as instruments, there may be the need to try varying degrees of resistance/hardness in the finished reeds. It is highly recommended that new reeds be obtained at the start of a regular lesson in order to find the right fit and adjust if necessary to suit the needs of each individual student.

IMPORTANT: Reeds that you purchase from me will be clipped at a slight angle, making one blade slightly shorter than the other. The shorter blade should always be the one that rests on your lower lip. 

Reed Care

Soaking: The best way to soak a reed is to dip it in tap water up to the thread, remove it from the water and place it in the reed box or a safe place. It will continue to soak on its own. Avoid soaking the reeds in your mouth and never talk with a reed in your mouth. The back teeth can easily damage the thin corners of the tip of the reed.

Always make sure the reeds are soaked before attempting to play on them. In rehearsals, keep your reed wet while you are waiting to play. The reeds will dry quickly while you are sitting there and may crack when you start playing again if they have become dry.

Brush your teeth before you play the oboe! Avoid putting anything in or on the reed that will cause it to age faster, and if food particles get lodged inside the small opening of the reed it will cease to play. 

Discontinuation of Study

If at any time you feel that you need to discontinue study for any reason, please try to provide me with at least two weeks notice so that I may prepare the student to move on or not have lessons, and so I can fill the spot in my schedule.

You have made a wonderful decision to invest in a musical education for you or your child. The benefits will enhance the quality of your child’s life for many years to come. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this experience more enjoyable or productive for your family.