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A handful of orchestral excerpts recently recorded:

Excerpts Rossini: La Scala di Seta Overture (Oboe 1) Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin (Oboe 1) Brahms: Violin Concerto (Oboe 1) Stravinsky: Pulcinella Suite (Oboe 2) Dvoล™รกk: Symphony No. 9 (English Horn Solo)

Video #688 of 1000 - Anita Eccleston - Just An Hour. For DAY688 of EveryDayMusic on Feb. 17, 2014. Recorded at the new Seven Dining Lounge (formerly the Kozmik Zoo) on Feb.12, 2014 in HD (1080p on XA10).

We were having some Dutch pancakes when Anita recognized a jig playing in the restaurant from the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack

Anita eats an egg in one bite at the Hoito

Anita at Manning Park last January

Uploaded by Elizabeth Eccleston on 2013-01-03.

Uploaded by Elizabeth Eccleston on 2013-01-03.

Silly home videos:

Spring 2014 in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Just waiting for my flight to Thunder Bay, minding my own business when...

Uploaded by Elizabeth Eccleston on 2013-09-11.

Sunday morning, Miles for the Giant, down by the water

I climbed a lighthouse

Last day of the road trip!

Somewhere in Wisconsin